Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July Results and Looking Ahead

Towards the end of the month, I started playing badly at the heads up super turbos. I definitely tilted and was probably not even +EV in them playing badly. It seems like I have lost the ability to play my A game for a long period of time at anything other than 9 man super turbos these days. However, July was still a nice month because I ran good.

The red line was only at +4k, but also was at +100 buyins. I ran really bad when I moved up to 200s (games 1200-1600 or so), but I ran really well at the lower stakes. I will happily take this month though!

After I started playing badly at heads up, I got some long-awaited good news. I will be moving to the UK in September to do my Masters! I took a few days off to just relax and I am now ready to get back into poker. This is my last 45 days for a while where I will be playing poker full time. I am not going to get too crazy with poker though and enjoy life a little more.

I will most likely just go back to 9 mans, but I also might give PokerStars another shot. I will probably start playing again in the next 2 days and will update this blog with whatever I play. It's not much, but I want to aim for 175 hours of playing before I leave. Making anything more than 15k would be nice.

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  1. hey there
    nice blog and sick graph, been reading your blog for i while now, any chance of exchanging links
    many thanks colin