Sunday, September 12, 2010

Poker Setup

I would post my graph for September so far, but it is easier to describe - imagine a whole lot of nothingness. Yup, I haven't played a single hand of poker this month and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have also begun staking someone and am looking to take on serious, long-term, and dedicated poker players who want to crush super turbos and have a lot of time on their hands. Leave a comment if you want to be staked and coached.

I am moving to London in 2 days and have pretty much decided to get a completely new and awesome poker setup. Right now, I play with a crappy laptop and a 24 inch monitor. Here is a to-do list of things to buy when I reach London:

1. 15 inch Macbook Pro with upgrades to speed
2. 30 inch HP monitor
3. Wireless keyboard
4. External hard drive, so I don't need to delete any movies/TV shows
5. USB hub
6. Dongle for backup internet

Any other recommendations? I am pretty clueless when it comes to technology but would love to have a few fancy and useful gadgets. I already have some nice headphones.

I will update next when I reach London... I cannot wait!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Results

August was a massive volume fail, despite the work week. I played a grand total of 61.5 hours!! So pathetic. But I have my reasons for doing so. I am getting ready to move to London, and am just really excited about that.


It's not bad at all for 61.5 hours of playing. I made around 1k in rakeback as well.

I have pretty much decided to buy a MacBook Pro and use Windows on it. I will order it once I get to London. I am a technology noob, so if anyone has any better suggestions, please let me know. I only really need my laptop to be able to hook up to a 30 inch monitor and to be reasonably fast for playing poker. I will probably customize it and get the 8GB RAM and a SSD. I obviously just learned what all that means (somewhat anyway).

I just have so much random stuff to do, that I don't know how much I will play in the next 14 days. I am hoping to squeeze in a few sessions. Once I settle down in London, I will definitely be playing as much as I can.