Thursday, November 26, 2009

Challenge Complete

It's weird, I thought I would be ecstatic that I finished the challenge in 2 weeks. But it feels kind of meh. I really enjoyed putting in all the hours and going through the ups and the downs. I purposely didn't set the target too high in case I got burned out. I think I will keep playing and see what I end up at after 30 days.

Here is the overall graph, it's missing a couple of SNG's, but my sharkscope officially says a profit of 20094.

Some Stats:

Super Turbos Played: 2723
Profit + Rakeback: 14892 + 5202
ROI: 4%
ROI with rakeback: 6%
Overall Profit: 20094
Hours Played: 86.4
Hourly: 232

By Buyin:

169's -
Played: 1559
Profit + Rakeback: 11857 + 3788
ROI: 5%
Overall Profit: 15645

75's -
Played: 879
Profit + Rakeback: 2430 + 1186
ROI: 4%
Overall Profit: 3616

45's -
Played: 270
Profit + Rakeback: 475 + 218
ROI: 4%
Overall Profit: 693

30's -
Played: 15
Profit + Rakeback: 130 + 8
ROI: 29%
Overall Profit: 138

Here's my distribution of finish positions -

Thanks for following the challenge, and I will continue to update my blog hopefully for a long time to come.


  1. Hello Arjun!

    Congrats on completing the challenge!
    I followed it every day, it was a nice job :)

    We played some games together (my nick is PetesNX), you are an outstandig player with outsanding result.

    I hope one day i will be able to play for the same ROI as you,

    GL in the future!

  2. Thanks a lot Pete. I had you marked as a solid player as well. I think I am done with super turbos for a while, so good luck in them!