Monday, November 16, 2009

Lets GOGOGO Green Line

I woke up pretty late, since I was up all night after the MTT yesterday. I played around 6 hours today, and am very happy with how I'm playing. The only problem is my stupid luck.

So pretty much breakeven for the day. I ran a pretty crazy 3.5k below expectation today. Combine that with yesterday, and I am around 6k below EV in 2 days. I feel the return of the green line tomorrow!!

Totals so far for the challenge -
Days: 2 and a bit
Hours: 21
Profit: -44 (!!)
Rakeback: 1170
Overall Profit: 1126

The first person that calls me a rakeback pro gets a punch in the face.

A few boring anecdotes from today -

1. Came 5th in a $75 turbo for 1.5k. Entered the final table with maybe 30% of the chips, but lost every race then.
2. I entered a $11 45 man super turbo for fun, and won that.
3. My golf tournament got rained out.

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