Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Top 7

I was looking at some of the google search phrases that people use to stumble upon my blog and some of them were hilarious. Here are my top 7 favourite ones:

7. full tilt poker super turbos more than $160 needed
Perhaps a bankroll management article is what you need.

6. poker what is jinx?
I hope you took away all my jinxes.

5. a blog about annoying day
Why do you want to read about people's annoying days?

4. is the poker boom over
Don't make me depressed.

3. ("superturbo" or "super turbo" or superturbos or "super turbos") ("full tilt" or fulltilt) player blog
Expert googler IMO

2. i got battered
Not quite the site you were looking for?

1. i hate myself for playing poker


  1. I'm curious, how do you find out what phrases people are typing to come across your blog?

  2. Send them over to my blog for #1... the "self-loathing" part surely ftw.

  3. I used to get some weird and wonderful ones on my old blog, mainly due to the fact I was generally off my face when I wrote it!

    Some of the things people search for are bizarre to say the least.

  4. nice blogs...7th is best of all