Sunday, July 4, 2010

Target to Move Back to 200s

Super Turbos:

I stopped myself from playing 200s on May 29th after talking to Aaron "The Baron" Barone. The drop down has been very successful and has given me confidence again.

The red line is at +75 buyins (3.2% ROI), and I have actually won 275 buyins. That is 4k vs 17k in dollars. Before you go calling me lucky, I am still over 10k below EV lifetime at super turbos. But it does feel good to run good after a while. 2000 super turbos is a pretty poor effort of volume on my part, but I was away for 2 weeks. I am getting the itch to play the 200s again now. It will double my rakeback per hour to 30 from 15. I will probably give it 1000 games or so and see how reg-infested they are.

Since The Baron talked me into dropping down, I would like to hear your thoughts on moving back up. I think I will do it once my red line reaches +100 buyins at these stakes. That's a fairly good indication that I am beating these stakes at a nice clip. I have already played 433 super turbos in July, and am looking forward to putting in tons of volume.


Ever since I graduated from college and stopped being on the golf team there, my motivation for practicing has plummeted. As a result, I have probably lost 50 yards with my driver, and am hitting big cuts instead of a small draw. Golf wasn't fun anymore when I was hitting it so short. I am hoping that yesterday's round was a turning point for me. It was a club tournament and I was +10 through 6. I am a 9 handicap and that is probably the worst 6 holes of golf I have played in 5 years.

Then something clicked. I figured something out in my swing. I made 9 pars, 1 birdie, 1 bogey, and 1 double in the remaining 12 holes to shoot 82 after that puke start. I also started striping my irons and hit quite a few greens. I am excited to play golf again now!


It's Uruguay vs Netherlands and Spain vs Germany in the semis. I entered a couple of random pools on the STTF forum on 2p2 and I have Germany and Spain in them. I win ~300 if either of them win, so I will have a nice sweat in the final. If it weren't for the bets, I would probably be supporting either Netherlands or Spain. It's so ridiculous that Fabregas is on the bench.


  1. Being a bankroll nit has its advantages

  2. I reckon your plan to move up again once you've hit 100 BI is a decent enough idea. Maybe take a 50-60 BI shot and if it goes tits up, drop down and rebuild again?