Friday, July 2, 2010

Volume Filled July

I really want to put in some serious volume in July. I am not going to set any targets, but am just going to try and play as much as possible. I have played 4 days since coming back from Vegas, and I am enjoying it. I even played quite a few 45/54/90 mans, after AGES. I was getting destroyed and then got 2nd in a $69/45 man to get back to even.

I don't think I am going to play much more of these, other than mixing in a few of the 54 man super turbos, just because they are SO MUCH FUN!

The 9 man super turbos have been going pretty well.

Out of those 315 super turbos, 186 of them were today. That's a good start to July. I also thought of something else, and am going to name it...

Boom's Law: The amount of abuse you get at a poker table is directly proportional to how many chips you have.

I copied this chat from a table:
daveachtung: boom i,m going for you
daveachtung: boom subnormal
masteread: he is the luckiest on tilt

This actually happened before a super turbo started. It still doesn't go against my law because I did run insanely good at one that just ended. What is subnormal??

Good luck to deurdy in event 54, $1000 NLH. I bought 15% of him, so please run good!

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