Monday, June 28, 2010


I just got back from a pretty epic trip to the US. I went to a bunch of places, met friends, family, and poker players. I spent 3 days in Vegas, and it was an insanely fun time.

I played exactly 1 hour of poker when I was in Vegas. It was a holiday, so no working, right? I didn't even make it to the WSOP area to see it! I went to the Rio, but only gambled a bit at the casino and left. I played a ton of blackjack and other random table games. I lost a bit, but was able to control myself only because of my discipline as a poker player. Although I wouldn't have gambled that much money in the first place if I wasn't a poker player. It is a double-edged sword!

On my last night in Vegas, I met up with biggamesjames, walchy, and faarcyde - a super turbo party!! We ended up getting dinner at a nice Mexican place at the Venetian. I ended up doing some fancy tequila, which really wasn't a great idea since it was still pretty early in the night. The bill came to over $400, which is easily the most expensive dinner I have had. I had my first ever credit card roulette and I didn't even have to sweat as my card was drawn out first! biggamesjames ended up losing and had to pay for dinner - thanks for dinner!! I then semi-learnt how to play craps and lost a bit. But probably the most fun gambling game of all time is Casino War. I love how the wikipedia page says "The game is arguably one of the most easily understood casino card games, but it also has a relatively large house edge compared to other games.". So true. We then ended up going to some random bars and clubs... overall a very fun night.

Despite Vegas, the highlight of my trip was by far meeting up with old college friends. But now, it is back to poker and the world cup. I am pretty upset that England lost, but there are still some great matches to look forward to.

I will probably start playing poker pretty soon, and I plan to grind it out hardcore for the next 3 months. After that, I will be moving to London to study. The plan is to make a ton before moving.

Any thoughts on the new layout?


  1. It's different. I need a few more posts to think about it.

  2. The reason why i never make a deal is that the red line can't handle that :)

    Anyway, welcome (?) back at the tables! :)


  3. Pete, the red line actually can handle chops perfectly, so you have no reason not to chop against me!