Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let's Go One Better

I played 200 super turbos yesterday, and I went one better today. For you math-impaired folks, that means I played 201 super turbos today. That was a really lame sentence, but my mind is kinda messed up at the moment after one of the few tilt sessions I have had in any form of SNGs. I made dumb shoves and calls without thinking.

While the bad decisions were bad, it wasn't THAT bad. I just kept running into hands. My session ended when I had 99 vs TT on 2 different tables in completely standard spots. It's time to take a break now and start fresh tomorrow. I have to remember the blog title - Think About Every Decision.


  1. I like how you insult your readers

  2. I was not insulted .. but 'educated' ;)