Thursday, June 3, 2010

Something Clicked

I started today playing normally with just one difference - I tried not to look at the red line in the middle of a session.  By and large that worked, and I only looked at it as I was winding down a session.

But during my last session, something clicked. I looked at a particular opponent in these super turbos, and it suddenly got me thinking a lot. I realized a few pretty major leaks of mine. I don't want to say what exactly it is in case some regs read this blog, but I am happy I realized it now. I am pretty sure I didn't have these leaks earlier when I was crushing, so I am more eager than ever to put in volume and see what happens.

That was my graph for today - 203 super turbos, run good, red line up. Great.

I am now at 884 super turbos for the mini challenge, and will finish the rest before lunch tomorrow. Most of my friends know, but I am making a 2 week trip to the US. I will be going for a wedding, seeing college friends, and of course VEGAS. I am only in Vegas for 3 days, but I can't wait. I need to book a hotel soon. I leave on the 9th, so after I finish the 1000 games tomorrow, I am going to do a little shopping. I hope to get that out of the way, and then hopefully finish another 1000 before leaving for my holiday.

Check back in for the post challenge graph tomorrow of all 1000 super turbos.

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