Monday, June 7, 2010

An Extra Day

I thought I was leaving for the US in 2 days until a friend asked me when I was leaving. I thought about it and realized I had 3 days! I have a checklist of 6 or 7 things to do before leaving, so I thought that today would be the last day of poker. It turns out I can play tomorrow, and finish my goal of 500 super turbos.

I have been trying to play as much as possible, but have been really distracted with the growing excitement of the upcoming holiday! I have played 347 super turbos and my red line is breakeven. I have won 2k. It feels nice to run good. I am not that worried about my red line because I have run AQ/AK into AA 4 or 5 times in my last 2 sessions in 100s. That hurts the red line. I am not going to look at my red line in the middle of a session from this point onwards. It is just unnecessary hassle.

I have become seriously motivated to put in lots of volume and grind out super turbos. It is going to happen big time when I come back from the US. The goal for tomorrow is 153 super turbos and play well. The 500 super turbo graph is coming up tomorrow.

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