Monday, December 14, 2009

Golf Shenanigans + Poker Update

I played this golf tournament yesterday. It was a shotgun start and our group started on the 3rd hole. It was really really windy and none of us were playing well. Through 16 holes, I was 12 over, and one of my friends was 11 over. Since we started on the 3rd, we were on the 18th green after playing 16 holes. This is when we all decided to just walk to the clubhouse and call it a day. It saved us a long walk back from the 2nd green and also put an end to the bad golf we were playing.

As we are in the clubhouse and watching group after group come in, we realize that the winning score was 13 over!! It was windy, but not THAT windy. There was a 2 handicapper who shot 15 over. Everyone collectively hacked. Talk about throwing away a chance to win a tournament. The last 2 holes were straight downwind, so both my friend and I had a great chance of getting 1st and 2nd. I have never stopped playing a tournament midway, and lesson learnt for sure!!

Now to the poker. I didn't play yesterday after golf. Today was a solid day though. The red line was at 3000, and I won around 1600 pre-rakeback.

Graph for today:

I'm very happy with how I'm playing and hope this continues.

Overall Profit after day 13: 24600

I'm 6th on the leaderboard for the month with 10770 points. The leader is at 14300. The leaderboard is only about how much you play. I've played 56 hours this month, so it's pretty insane how much the guys ahead of me have played.

Tomorrow will be the end of 2 weeks of the challenge. I will post an overall graph and some stats... unless I run really bad and don't feel like it!


  1. HI arjun,

    what do you think about the new 6 men superturbo?
    And about the HU? The rake is way too high on them, right?

    Cheers and gg

  2. Hi nitur, I didn't even know the 6 max super turbos existed until you told me. I saw a few, but might only play them when I feel like a change. Never played HU either. How are you doing?

  3. I think creating the HUs was a bad idea and the rake is too high, I'm not even sure it's beatable (even if you only play against donkeys). I'll stop playing them.

    6 max seem nice (I just played a few ones)

    It's a pity they don't create $320+15... I asked many times. Even red pros asked them, I don't know why they refuse but it's silly...

    See you!

  4. arjun do you use any scripts when you play?

    congrats on your results