Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let the Grind Begin!

That's pretty much going to be me for the next month if you replace the paper and pencil with my laptop, monitor, and mouse. 3 cups of coffee, a lot of thinking, and 270 minutes later, I find myself up 3378. I'm on pace for a 100,000 month... maybe someday. I wonder what percent of the poker population have had 100k months.

A ran ridiculously well at the 75's winning a little over 26 buyins in 46 tournies, for a ROI of 57%. I chuckled at the person who voted "other" in my poll and said "Will Make Profit, WIll Not Win Leaderboard". This is probably true, since "Take my Bl1nds" puts in insane volume month after month, and the leaderboard is all about volume. It's going to be a fun battle.

As of now -
1. Take my Bl1nds 1,296.2
2. Me 913.5
3. Ajeff007 629.0

I will probably wake up tomorrow and be down in 5th.

I have had a few people ask me about super turbos and coaching since I started the blog, so I thought I would write about them in a little more detail tomorrow.

Tomorrow's post - Are Super Turbos for you?


  1. Hey mate, just found this blog and love it. Will add to mine. I was going to ask about coaching and then saw what’s coming for tomorrow’s post so looking for to reading that and will have more questions.

    Do you only play super-turbos at the moment?


  2. where do u find the leaderboard is it on ft website?

  3. Custo - Thanks for the link, and yes I mainly play super turbos at the moment. Maybe a couple of MTT's here and there.

    poker - I would rather not say my sname... The leaderboard is in "My Promotions"