Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Worst Day Ever

I just completed my worst day of poker ever. The final damage was -11k. My EV line was around -3k, so I ran pretty horribly, but didn't play my best. I am pretty shocked, but am looking forward to tomorrow and getting back to my A game. I didn't even mention my internet going out on me as I was winding up just now. Ugh.

A guy called "scoss" at my tables berated me constantly. Anyone know who he is? He repeatedly pointed out that I was down 10k for the day and just kept saying stupid stuff. That actually helped me play better, so thank you whoever you are... jerk.


  1. Hi,
    Scoss is a very good player but it's a moron.
    He often makes retard comments in the chat, it's normal stuff coming from him...
    I suspect he's "scossett" on PS but I'm not sure.

  2. Pretty obvouis he is saying this to try to tilt/frustrate you further for him to increase his profibility vs you.

  3. surely scossett wudnt be so ungracious? ul , gl goin forward , L4

  4. I've found a link and it's 100% sure that it's scossett.
    How can you win $500K+ and still be a moron like that, it's impressive!

  5. His name is Spencer Cossette (from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)and you can see him here:

    Job done Sherlock, go have a beer now, you idiot detective.

    Good luck on the tables Arjun and don't forget to ship me $5. (lol)

  6. If your family name begins with the letters LAC..., I fucking rock as a detective, I even found a photograph (from facebook). LOL, yes I had nothing to do and I'm "a bit" maniac.
    I stop spamming, cheers.