Saturday, December 12, 2009

Satisfying Day

I had set myself 3 goals for today -

1. Only Super Turbos - Done
2. Good Decisions - For the most part
3. Red line at +1500 - Done, at +1937

I focused on making good decisions and not overloading on too many tables, and it ended up being a good day. I made less money than yesterday, but the red line was up.

Today's graph -

I'm playing a round of golf tomorrow afternoon after more than a month, so that should be fun. Depending on how late I get back and how much I drink, I may or may not play poker tomorrow.

Overall Profit after day 11: 22794


  1. why do you care about the red line so much?

    if you shove a2 into aa and win your red line will go down but that doesn't mean you played bad or anything, i don't really see the relevance of it with how well you play

  2. If you shove A2o into AA and win OR lose, the red line will go down.

    Repeat the A2o shove 1000 times. If it's a +EV shove, then the red line will go up overall. If it's a -EV shove the red line will go down.

  3. as far as i know the red line is only affected by showdowns and if you shove the a2 1000 times and are only getting called by better, the red line will always be going down but it can still be a +ev shove

  4. You are mistaken. The red line is affected by non showdowns as well. Take this example -

    Imagine a super turbo with the other 8 people sitting out. I shove every hand and eventually win the showdowns when everyone is forced allin. My red line is going to go WAY up because of all the non-showdown chips I won.

  5. i wasn't aware that non showdowns were accounted for, how are they assigned an ev without knowing player ranges?

  6. hood and some others in that thread state that it is all-in luck: showdown luck only, and after looking at some of my non-showdown hands in HEM, the only ones with a $EV Diff of non-zero are hands that do have a showdown

    it just wouldn't make sense for non showdown hands to have an ev, HEM would need to know exact player ranges to determine an ev

  7. Why don't you go post your question on that thread or in the HEM forums? I have already answered your question and told you what is 100% correct. But you have ignored what I said and go on repeating the same thing. I will say it for the last time - of course non showdown winnings are included. It would be the most stupid and meaningless stat ever if they weren't.

  8. no, you are telling me what you believe is correct, i have told you what IS correct and here are links to support it:

    it is not a stupid and meaningless stat, it just doesn't do what you think it does, i'll say it again because you're missing it somehow, it calculates your expected value in all-in situations, there is no possible way for it to calculate expected value without a showdown because there's no way for HEM to assume player ranges for it to conclude an expected value

  9. Those links do NOT answer your question.

    It does EXACTLY what I think it does. I have spent hours on HEM and know exactly how the red line works. If you win a pot without showdown, the red line goes up by the amount of equity you gain by winning the pot.


  10. If you want to continue to this pointless discussion of me proving you right, then leave your AIM or gtalk ID here. Stop posting nonsense on my blog.

  11. To prove my point, go to the 2nd link you pasted. The one in the FAQ. Can't you see that the allin-EV line changes ALMOST EVERY HAND? This is because of the non showdown winnings changing due to you being in the blinds or just playing a pot. Seriously, if nonshowdown winnings were non included, it would be the stupidest stat ever.

  12. my aim is askjazs