Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Whole Lot of Nothing

The title pretty much sums up my month. It has been very half-hearted and patchy. I played on and off, HU and 9 mans. I took days off, played only 2 hours a day at times, and didn't play my best when I did play. Today, I decided to play some 9 mans, and broke even after 2 hours. I then played some HU from 3am-4am and broke even as well.

I just need to get back into that mindset of perfect poker. When I was playing that way, I used to HATE myself for making even a slightly bad decision. Now I make huge blunders and just keep playing. This will change starting tomorrow. No more of this nonsense.

I also want to update this blog a lot more often. Doing that will make me play better, since I don't want to post rubbish looking graphs.

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