Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sweet Rake Changes for Super Turbos

Full Tilt completely redid the buyins and rake for super turbos and the new structure is amazing.

Old 9 mans were 160+9. Now they are 100+3.5 and 200+7! The highest buyin earlier was 320+15, it now goes all the way up to 1000+22.

Heads up used to be 160+4 and is now 100+2 and 200+3.5. You also start with 500 at 10/20 and 2 minute levels as opposed to 300 at 15/30 and 3 minute levels. So there is actually room for some play early on and the push/fold endgame arrives soon enough.

Sadly, I am running awful at 9 mans. A nice 6k below EV in a couple of days. It's so ridiculous.

Towards the end, I was definitely tilting and playing badly, but I kept running worse. I just had to take a break again from 9 mans. So I hit the new awesomely structured heads up games. The red line doesn't work for some reason for the heads up games and that is AMAZING. I no longer care about the red line and just care about winning. When I suck out being a 1% dog, I now let out a Tiger like upper cut instead of being terrified of how badly my red line was falling.

So here is my heads up graph for the last few days -

It was mostly holdem, but I also did play some PLO and Razz. I definitely have an edge in PLO against most people, but the only guys sitting at the Razz HU are guys who are good at it. I think I am decent, but have no idea what to do in marginal spots and end up being too aggro.

I also saw something hilarious while playing heads up. I caught a martingaler!! He would start at the $10 games, and would end up at the $1000 ones if he kept losing. I beat him at the 100 and 200 games twice each. He was awful, playing around 85/15. I saw him sitting at the 1000 buyin, but couldn't muster up the courage to sit.

I really want this not to be my first losing month in a really long time. Got to keep crushing the fish at heads up.

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