Friday, April 9, 2010

Heads Up Super Turbos

I needed a change of pace from 9 man super turbos. I wasn't playing well, my red line was dropping, it wasn't fun. I discovered Heads Up Super Turbos and am I glad I did! They are soooooooo much fun. I have started loving poker again and found myself playing 4 hour sessions without realizing it's been so long. I've also been getting around 95 per hour in rakeback (2 tabling) as opposed to 55 per hour in 9 mans (7-8 tabling).

Obviously, I don't play any decent players because the rake is not beatable when you start with 10 BBs. You have to find a fish, and keep rematching. I played one guy 111 times, then another 2 guys 100+ times. Today has been a CRAZY day. I was down 5500 at one point, and 45 minutes later I was down 1500, which is where I called it a day. I 2 tabled 2 different fish for around 3 hours and it was sooooooooo profitable.

I am not sure how to show my graphs only against a particular opponent, so I will pull up the 2 fishes' graphs.

Fish 1's graph against me:

I pretty much crushed him (his awful red line), but he ran a little good.

Fish 2's graph against me:

I crushed him as well. Both these guys were consistently losing ~$20 per game. The average time for a game is 48 seconds, so that is burning money fast! The rake is $4 per game, so my red line was pretty much going up at $12 (20-4*2) per game.

My overall HU Super Turbos graph - (3 days of playing)

Poker is fun again, the key is obviously finding the right opponent and exploiting him like crazy. When you play so many super turbos against the same guys, you know their ranges and leaks inside out.

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