Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weekend Rake Sprint III

I got a nice surprise when I saw an email saying it is already time for the 3rd Weekend Rake Sprint. I got 3rd in the first one and won the second one. I am definitely aiming to win this one. There aren't any other high stakes super turbo players on my rakeback site, so it is all on me to put in the volume this weekend. I will be looking to get 850+ in rakeback this weekend. I managed 815 or so in the last weekend sprint.

They increased the prizepool from $2500 to $4000, however the winner's share only increases from $1000 to $1100. They did increase the number of players paid from 5 to 10. Increasing the prizepool is a good sign though, since it means that these rake sprints have been successful for the site. That leads to more money for the players and for the site.

I took the first 2 days of April off, and the rake sprint will be a nice way to start the month.

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