Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Internet Frustration

Since my last update, there was some silly internet problem that affected my area, maybe even state. I *think* it's over now, but I can't be sure. As a result, I played on and off, got disconnected a million times, and was just not having fun. I was finally able to play a session and decided to play Rush PLO 100. I really wish they would introduce higher limits at Rush PLO.

Heads up has been going well with the new structure. That is my graph since April 16th when I first started playing with the new structure.

A breakdown of the graph -
50s: 2-2
100s: 389-349
200s: 39-18
500s: 1-0

I have mainly been playing 100s, but have moved up when I saw some fish. The 500 that I played was a mixture of tilt and seeing a fish. I mark fish with a yellow note, and insta-sat when I saw a yellow note guy sitting. I later realized that he was a huge winner at heads up!! Luckily my AQ held up against KQ.

The plan for the rest of the month is to keep playing whatever I feel like. Heads up, PLO, and 9 mans. Strangely, I haven't had the urge to play 9 mans for a while. I do think I need a main game for the next month though. I like the feeling from just crushing one type of game. I might play heads up during off-peak hours and 9 mans during peak hours. I am just so happy my internet is working well again, so more pokerrrr.

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  1. Congratulations for your good runnings.

    I would like to ask to you some questions. Please, could you contact with me by email?

    Thanks in advance.