Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Results

With 9 days to go for the month, I set myself this goal - Reach 3500 games for the month.

That meant playing 1377 games in 9 days. I ended the month at 3087 games, which is a little short. But I did play 38 hours in the 9 days, so I am happy with my volume and how I played. Here is my graph for the last 9 days -

I ran really well, but my red line was up at just over $4/game, which is very nice. This hot streak has brought me to JUST above EV for the month, and still well below overall.

March results -

My March goals were -

Make 30000 by
Rakeback: 10000 (180 hours or so)
Bonuses: 3000 (Full Tilt Leaderboard and a rake race in mid-March)
Profit: 17000

My March results were -

Made 25000
Rakeback: 6100 (played 120 hours)
Bonuses: ~2800
Profit: 15000

The overall profit should be around 25000, when you include FTPs and ironman. I am very pleased with the month. I think it ties my best month ever. The goals for next month are simply - play as much as I can and play well. I would like to break the 25k barrier, but I doubt that will happen unless I run super hot because I am getting a little busy in real life.

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