Thursday, April 15, 2010

15 Days to Change Nightmare April

Half the month is gone, and things are going really bad poker wise. I started the month out playing my usual 9 man super turbos -

I then decided I needed a change of pace, and started playing heads up super turbos -

Put those 2 graphs together, and you get this work of art -

So my EV has been -2000 (sigh)
And I have lost 6000 (sigh)

To make things a little better, I made around 3100 in rakeback and won 1100 in the rake sprint, so I am down less than 2k for the month.

So what does all this lead to?
1. I have realized that Heads Up Super Turbos are not for me. The edges are so thin and unless you find megafish, it's not going to be beatable.
2. My urge to get back to cash is growing.
3. I definitely want to give 9 mans another go.

So I have 15 days to turn this month around and make April fantastic. I will be playing some or all of 9 mans, PLO, rush. I will probably start with 9 mans and if I get off to a good start then I will keep at it. Here is my alltime graph for 9 man super turbos to put things in perspective. The last stretch is a big worry for sure.

Aaaaaand, to make myself feel better, even with the breakeven red line, my overall profit (with rakeback and bonuses) doesn't look that bad.

I have felt better and better as I wrote this blog post. I am definitely going to play 9 mans for a while and see what happens. 200k soon?


  1. Yeah dude, ok the 9K 169s I've played, First 500 were whatever, learning, next 4k were $7 a game, last 4K have been breakeven after RB, I guess if I put in all my bonuses I get a sexy Blue line, but it's pretty retarded. I had this guy do a Standard Deviation on my Finish Distribution using 48% RB and he said that with 95% confidence I make between $1.38-$13.58 a game, that's a pretty big gap... And that dones take into account that the games we're playing now are not the same as the games we were playing in January. There's only so many times bad players will make the same mistakes, and bad regs get better, and fish run out of money...

  2. Don't really get your point. If your blue line is sexy after bonuses, then what's wrong? You're the person who made me realize that the green line is meaningless. I mean I would rather make -2 per game and +10 in rakeback than +3 per game and +3 in rakeback. It's all about the blue line.

  3. how u start in tubo sngs. alot of smaller buyins etc. jus curious. i used to play anywhere to 10-20 plo08, now starting plo and doin well, but was jus wodnering how u got ur start cause may choose to play a few turbo sngs sessions for fun.