Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Woot Woot, Part Deuce

First off, here is a quality article that is a must-read for everyone. It gives an amazing insight into the world of high stakes poker from a high stakes regular. After reading it, I got into thinking about why I play poker in the first place. I honestly don't dream of playing the nosebleed stakes where your every move is followed by railbirds and you can go on insane 6 or 7 figure downswings.

If I were to envision my dream poker future, it would probably involve being a successful tournament player including lots of travelling. MTT's are what got me into poker in the first place. I loved the feeling of going deep in one and making the final table out of 1000's of people. I hardly play any tournaments now because most of the big ones start very late at night here and take so long. The dream would also involve me crushing some game on the side (cash or SNG's), since I would go insane playing only tournaments.

Enough of the rambling - today seemed like it was destined to be another day of being unlucky. I played 208 super turbos today, and after 202 of them, my EV line was at 2500, and I had won only 500. I went on a nice run in the last 6, winning 4 of them and getting a 3rd. All of them were 169's. I have also pretty much stopped playing 45's and playing fewer 75's. I feel like there is such a fine line between playing your A game and your C game that when I get rid of those extra tables, I am able to make better decisions.

Overall Profit after day 11: 12094

Here is today's graph

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