Thursday, November 19, 2009

Everything That Could Go Wrong Did

Just one of those days. I started off making a few stupid and careless mistakes - like thinking there were 5 people left when actually there were 4, not noticing some stack sizes, and 2-3 really annoying misclicks. I was still up a bit, and then the came the reason why not many people play super turbos for a living - insane variance.

I just ran into hand after hand, wasn't winning flips, and failed miserably at owning the bubble. This is my first losing EV day at super turbos since I moved up from the 28's. I tried and tried to get my EV line at least above 0, but 10 hours is enough of playing for the day. The EV line made a mini-comeback for the day, it was at -2500, and it ended at -990. I am really happy with how much volume I'm putting in. -3180 for the day, +650 rakeback.

Here's my overall graph so far until day 6.

Some tournies are missing, but that's the general picture. 6.5k under EV.

Official Profit after day 6 (including rakeback) - 4751

Tomorrow is the end of the first week of the challenge, and I'll post detailed stats, graphs and thoughts so far. Oh and I made a poll, go vote!!

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