Thursday, November 26, 2009

Short and Sweet

I played 3 and a half hours today, and won 4600. My EV for the day was 2500, so I definitely ran good, but also played really well. Lucky day thirteen I guess.

A few cool things about the challenge so far -

  • I have had 3 royal flushes in this challenge. That's just nuts because the probability of a royal flush is 30940:1 (googling skills).

  • I am 4th in the high limit SNG Leaderboard for November. That's cool because I have only played these 13 days of the month.

  • I am now 4th in total profit in Super Turbos for the year, and very close to 3rd.

Overall Profit after day 13: 18410

Graph for the day -

Edit: Go Jeev and Randhawa at the World Cup tomorrow!!

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