Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Blog So Far

I just wanted to thank everyone for reading this blog and posting comments. I have enjoyed updating it immensely and it has definitely helped me with poker. I hate updating this blog after losing or breaking even, so it gives me more of a motivation to play well! If there is anything particular you want to see or if you have any questions, please leave a comment.

It's pretty amazing that people from 54 countries have read my blog.

I thought I would brag a little and show my lifetime super turbos graph. I figured out a way to add bonuses into the graph (Full Tilt Leaderboards and Rake Races). I definitely want to reach 100k next month. That would be pretty insane. I love SNGs and Super Turbos because of stuff like this. I love stats, looking at leaderboards, finish distributions, close ICM decisions, etc etc. Super Turbos are definitely not for everyone, but I think they suit me really well.

I need to stop looking at results and just play loads and loads. The red line will take care of itself if I put in the volume and play well.

I will do an end of the month post tomorrow, with March goals. I definitely want to play lots and play well. Thanks for reading!

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