Sunday, February 14, 2010


I have finally completed my grad school applications after around 3 weeks of not playing poker. My 3 main activities for the next few months are going to be poker, golf, and the gym... sounds amazing, if I do say so myself!!

I am excited to play poker again after such a long break. I think I will play whatever I feel like for the rest of the month (Super Turbos, PLO, Rush, MTTs) and then re-assess at some point. I want to get a decent sample in of super turbos to make sure I can still crush them.

OMG I just noticed that 320+15 Super Turbos are out!!! Does anyone know if these run often during peak hours? There are none running now. 50k downswings have got to be possible playing them. I don't think I will play them unless I see a soft lineup. But this is great because the red pros should play them, which would make the 160+9 Super Turbos a lot softer.

I plan on updating this blog quite often with how poker is going. It's time to make lots of money.


  1. way way way out of my league there, have no idea!!! the $2 + 0.20 games are easy!

    Poker golf and gym sounds like the good life to me!

    Hope you're ok

  2. Wondered why there wasn't an update for a while. Congrats on finishing the grad school application.

    Looking forward to seeing some cracking results from you playing a gazillion $169 games.


  3. I recently subscribed to your blog and have been really baffled by the fact that you can be so successful playing online poker. I'm still a beginning poker player, (4 months online, 1 year total) and I wonder if you might be able to give rookies some pointers, perhaps which books you read helped you a lot, or what specific qualities you consider pivotal to your current success. I often read that chess players are also really good at poker, do you subscribe to that theory? ~ thanks man

  4. @United113 - It sounds better on paper :)

    @Custo - Thanks, good luck to you as well.

    @Phat - Leave your AIM/GTalk/MSN here and I will add you and answer questions

  5. Awesome: its "michaelfresco at gmail dot com".