Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It's been a day since I started playing poker again after my break, and I have no idea what to play. I played some super turbos, got off to a good start, then gave it all back. I played some NL200 Rush, and did pretty well.

The thing is - I KNOW I can beat cash/PLO/Rush for a decent clip. There is actually some skill involved. I am not sure about Super Turbos anymore. Everytime I have a losing session (with a losing red line) at Super Turbos, I start doubting myself. My lifetime Super Turbo graph obviously shows that I can crush it, but recently, my red line has had a few downswings.

Here are the graphs from today, first one is super turbos, second one is NL200 Rush.

Obviously, it is a super small Super Turbos sample, but I hate not knowing if I can beat them. Which is again a stupid question if you look at my lifetime graph. Yet, I keep wondering.

I think I will keep playing a bit of both and see how it goes.

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  1. In the world of super turbos everything can happen...

    My EV for the last 6000 games is -25 buyin.

    I stepped back to the $15 level to gain some self-confidence back, but i'm continue losing.

    Now i'm not sure i'm a winning player at all.

    Here's my all time graph:

    Better luck for you,