Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ending 2009 and 2010 Goals


I would rate 2009 as a passable year. I didn't play for 3 months in the middle, and even the months that I did play, I wasn't happy with how many hours I put in. I started the year going for Supernova Elite and stopped that when I took the 3 month break. I was playing PLO then, and ended the year playing Super Turbos. It looks like I love variance! That is not the case at all though, since I am probably one of the most overrolled players that exist.

I made roughly 130k in 2009, which is decent. I sadly lost all the PLO data due to my laptop crashing in the middle of the year, so all I have is my super turbos graph since August, when I first started playing them.


I am not sure how much longer I will play super turbos, but for now I have put too much time into them to abandon them. So here are my poker goals for 2010.

1. 250k profit
2. No.1 Super Turbo player in the world
3. Maintain Supernova on Stars by playing once a week on there.
4. Mix in more MTTs, and play well in them rather than blowing up.
5. Keep writing in this blog.

I am about to start playing for the year after a week or so off.


  1. Gl man cant wait to see how you end up.

  2. Nice goals! I try to keep up;). Any tips for me when seeing my stats? See you at the pstables!

    cheers tha_shark666