Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fresh Start

A new year, new goals, new leaderboards, and a new start has me excited about playing poker again after the massive downswing to end last year. I watched all of Big Bang Theory after the downswing, and it is one of my favourite shows ever. This video might be the funniest bit of TV I have ever seen. I never laugh out loud, and I was laughing for a good 2 minutes.

I have changed things up a bit for 2010. I am not sticking to solely super turbos. I have started mixing in some of the higher buyin 45 and 90 mans and the odd MTT. I am also cutting back on the number of 75s I play and trying to play only 169s, while making better decisions at them. The super turbos having been going well, here is my graph on them for the year -

I'm up around 6k on the year. I won a 69/45 man and got a 5th, but also bricked in a few MTT's and some other 45/90 mans. It has been a good start, and I hope it continues

I attached a screenshot below of the leaderboards I am in for 2010, and that I ended up in for 2009. 4th in overall super turbo profit for last year is pretty cool, since I played only 4 months and had that massive downswing. The one for this year that I really like is 16th in total profit on Full Tilt in all SNGs.

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