Monday, March 1, 2010


I have made somewhere between 17 and 20k this year. I did take 3 weeks off due to grad school applications, and my volume hasn't been great when I have been playing.

Having said that, I have BIG plans for March. I intend to put in lots of volume. I was also thinking earlier about my best month ever, and I think it was the month I started the blog - around 25k. But I am not sure exactly what it is. I thus want to have my best month ever and I want to shatter my previous record. I will be aiming for 30k. I won't be doing a challenge though, because that just puts me under pressure and makes me results oriented. I will be satisfied if I put in lots of volume and the red line goes up. A little run good wouldn't hurt!

How do I intend to make the 30k?
Rakeback: 10k (180 hours or so)
Bonuses: 3k (Full Tilt Leaderboard and a rake race in mid-March)
Profit: 17k

Let's hope this works out.

I just wanted to congratulate Aaron "The Baron" Barone for his great month. Having a 10k month playing the 16s is really awesome. I owe a lot of my success at super turbos to him. He has sweated me a couple of times and we have talked a lot about various spots. Do it again in March, The Baron.


  1. Nice results. What Super Turbos do you play?

  2. Thanks. I play the 9-man super turbos, mainly the $169s

  3. So "The Baron" won 10k at $16 stakes?? thats superb.. To be honest, the winnings you've got at 169's superb too.

    Do you find it's the same regulars you play?

  4. You're creating a new nickname for me, huh? It's okay, I still like you. Thanks for the shout-out, keep crushing.