Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Running Bad

Warning: This post consists of me whining.

I played the golf tournament yesterday and shot 80, which is decent for how little I have been playing. I thought I would put in a lot of volume today, and I did. 7.5 hours, 206 super turbos, -3700. UGH. 4000 below EV. I am playing so well, I just cannot catch a heater like I did in November. I am not 16k below EV in super turbos overall. Puke.

I have never been happier about the way I'm playing though. I have tweaked (mostly tightened) my ranges in certain spots, and it seems to be working.

Here is today's awful graph:

Even though I am playing well, I am making a few mistakes. The goal is to cut those out, play perfectly, and RUN GOOD. The next few months are going to consist of me CRUSHING these games. I reached 6 figures from super turbos a couple of days ago, and want to make another 6 figures soon.

Good night.

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