Friday, March 26, 2010

3 Days Done, 6 To Go

My goal was to play 150 games per day for the rest of the month (9 days). I have thus far played 356 games in 3 days, which is a little below pace. I really don't think I will be able to match my volume requirements but I will be happy with anything over 100 per day.

All I have been focusing on is making the right decisions and I have even tried to stop refreshing my red line after every game. I need to do this more and more and just worry about playing each hand. Here is my graph of the last 3 days -

I have played around 14 hours in the 3 days and made around 740 in rakeback in addition to this.

My games per hour is ~ 25
My rakeback per hour is ~ 53

I do play quite a bit during non peak hours. I would estimate the above numbers to be around 30 and 60 respectively during peak hours.

I will update again after 3 days unless something spectacular happens. Run well.

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