Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Attitude Change

I have realized that I need a different way of thinking of poker for me to take my game/profits to another level.

Old Attitude:
My old attitude comprised of me playing lots and lots to get unstuck when I was losing, and not play much when I was winning. I used to feel good about myself, look at graphs and stats, and not play when things were going well. Also, I used to keep dreading the awful 100+ buyin downswing that can happen in a flash at super turbos. This attitude has to go.

New Attitude:
I KNOW that I am crushing super turbos. I have made 200 an hour for a pretty huge sample. I need to think that if I play 20 hours of solid super turbo poker, then I should make 4000 in those 20 hours.. I need to just put in the volume, even when I am running hot. No more gloating, just hardcore grinding. I have no excuses not to play lots.

Having said that, I am pleased with my start to March. I have played 13 hours in the 2 days, and am up around 3300 after rakeback, running just a little below EV.

1 comment:

  1. i saw a post once saying that the only thing that should stop someone playing was being tired/tilted. The way to win was just to put in the volume and variance will do the rest. You will have coolers and heaters but it'll all average itself out over time so all you need to do, if you're a winning player, is volume volume volume