Sunday, March 21, 2010


So I ended up winning the rake sprint for 1000, which brings the weekend profit to 2445, running under EV. Not bad at all.

However, since then I have taken 4-5 days off. That is one of the single biggest advantages of being a professional poker player. You can set your own timings, take days off, and don't report to anyone. I watched the IPL, played football, went to the gym, caught up on tons of TV shows, and even played some live low stakes poker with friends. I thoroughly enjoyed my time off and got a pleasant surprise when I checked today and saw that I am 3rd on the SNG High Limit leaderboard on Full Tilt.

I just played a small session to end the holiday and lost a few hundred, while my EV was +500. Seems like I picked up where I left off!! The plan for the next week is to play as much as possible, despite having lots of fun stuff to do. I am hoping for 25 hours or so.


  1. Well done on the "rake sprint." $2500 for the weekend you bastard, it took me a whole WEEK to do that.

    And when you say football, do you mean soccer? Or futbol americano?

  2. Thanks Aaron Baron.

    Soccer obviously