Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rest of the Month

After a good start to March, my EV line has been breakeven for over 1000 games. Sigh. But unlike the past, I am doing a lot better at not worrying about it. My goal for the rest of March is -

1. Reach 3500 games for the month.

That's all. That is 1377 more games, which works out to 153 games per day. That should be around 5-6 hours per day, so there really shouldn't be any excuse for me not doing it. I am really curious to see what my red line is at after those games. If it goes up at my overall winrate, I should make around 10k which includes 3k in rakeback.

March so far:

I am pretty excited to start playing regularly again after a week and want to keep crushing. The red line and green line are going up up up.

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