Saturday, March 6, 2010

March So Far

March has been great so far. I have put in lots of volume - 31 hours and 776 9 man super turbos. There were some 6 max ones mixed in. I ended up like -2.8k at them, running 1.6k under EV and decided to never play them anymore. I don't know the subtleties of them and don't want the bother of learning a new game. If there aren't enough 169s are running, I just add a few 75s and 45s.

I am playing well, and running at EV. However, my red line is definitely running good. It's at 9.5% through 776 games which is definitely not sustainable. I'll take it though :)

I have started game selecting some 335s. I really don't want to play every one that goes off. That can only lead to crazy downswings. I have restricted myself to 4 or 5 fishy ones a day. This way, I get to play some really +EV 335s and they don't influence my overall results too much.

This is my overall graph at the 335s, the last 10 of which are included in my monthly graph above.

I am now up to 6th in profit at 9 man super turbos for the year. I want to keep climbing. The only way that will happen is if I put in lots of volume. I am taking tomorrow off since I am playing a golf tournament, but next week is going to consist of lots of grinding. I am off to watch the Man United Wolves game now!


  1. hi, your blog looks really good. Im also playing the ST's, but im at the micro limit tho xd
    If you do any kind of coaching, please add my msn:

  2. United were a bit lucky.. glad that chance at the end went over..

    nice results!!

  3. Hey mate, are the 9man same blinds/stack structure as 6mans and split top 3 50/30/20?

    GG this month so far keep at it.

  4. @tazn - I don't coach at the moment, sorry.

    @United113 - Scholes is clutch.

    @ Custo - 15/30 blinds, 300 starting chips. 50/30/20 payouts.