Friday, August 13, 2010

Some Poker Is Better Than No Poker

On August 5th, I posted my graph for the month until then. I had played a measly 140 games. 8 days later, and I have played a total of *drumroll please* 330 super turbos for the month. That is an additional 190 super turbos in 8 days. Pretty pathetic for a poker player doing this for a living, right?

I at least have a few good excuses - golf, gym, laziness. Okay, maybe that last excuse wasn't the best. Thank goodness the little poker I have played has gone well.

The last 8 days

This lack of volume had better change. I am going to wake up early tomorrow and aim for 100 super turbos (3 hours) before lunch. After that, I will hit the gym and try and squeeze in a short session before going out drinking with a friend that just came back to town.

I don't have any plans yet for Saturday, so I might try to break my single day super turbo record. I am not sure what it is, my guess would be 250. I will probably aim for 300 super turbos if nothing comes up.

I am playing a doubles golf tournament on Sunday and after that is the final round of the final major of the year, so I will be watching that. Watching golf majors is the single best thing to watch on TV. There probably won't be any poker on Sunday.

If I don't hit 300 on Saturday, then I will be going for it on Monday or Tuesday. I need to get this month back on track.

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