Sunday, August 8, 2010

25 Putts and One Trophy

Today was the 2nd round of that golf tournament I talked about in my previous post. I entered the day in tied 8th and was in the group ahead of the leadergroup. In my 10+ years of playing golf, this was by far my best putting day.

Hole 1 - Chunked my chip into the bunker on a par 4, made double bogey
Hole 2 - Holed a curling right-to-left 30 footer for par after hitting a bunker
Hole 3 - Holed a 15 footer for par after my chip went too far
Hole 4 - Hit the green and made par
Hole 5 - Tried to putt it up the slope of the bunker and left it in there. Played a bunker shot to 15 feet and holed it for bogey
Hole 6 - Left myself an almost impossible chip over a bunker to very little green on a par 3. Hit it over the green, then left myself a 10 footer for bogey which I made
Hole 7 - This was the only bad putt I made all day. Left a 5 footer for par short on a par 5!
Hole 8 - Went long on my approach and made a 12 footer for par
Hole 9 - Hit the green and 2 putted for par from 55 feet
Hole 10 - Hit the green and my birdie putt just missed from 30 feet.
Hole 11 - Hit it to 6 feet on a par 3 and made birdie. Birdied this hole both days
Hole 12 - SHENANIGANS! Drove it in the fairway on a short par 5. Then stupidly took out 3-wood which I wasn't hitting well and hooked it into thick rough. Punched out. Chunked my pitch into the bunker. Skulled my bunker shot way over. Then chipped my 6th shot to the edge of the green. Putted it in from off the green from 20 feet for double bogey!
Hole 13 - Hit the bunker, made bogey.
Hole 14 - Short par 4, hit it to 20 feet and made the birdie putt
Hole 15 - Bad chip, 2 putted for bogey from 30 feet
Hole 16 - Hit the green, made par.
Hole 17 - Hit an awful bump and run to 35 feet. Left that 8 feet short and made a crucial bogey putt.
Hole 18 - Made a 10 footer for par on the last hole with a few people watching!

My awesome putter

Add all that up and it came to a 78 (+8), hitting 5 greens and 26 putts!

I shot 79-78 and ended up getting runner-up in the handicap category. There were 4 of us tied at 1 under handicap for 2 days, so I ran good by getting 2nd winning the tiebreaker of better 2nd day. I think I ended up 6th or 7th in the open. The trophy I got was pretty sad looking, but I'll take it. It feels good to put in 2 decent rounds of strokeplay while not playing regularly.

It's now about a month till I leave and it's back to poker starting tomorrow!


  1. good job i beat you on wii!!!

  2. Do it on the golf course now, imo