Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sour Taste

After a few days of not playing, I finally loaded up a session. 90 minutes later and I was running pretty badly. What's worse than that? Full Tilt had another server restart and I cannot play for another few hours! I was all set to play a long session and bounce back. Sigh.


There is a silver lining though. I reviewed a bit and reread some old notes that I had jotted down when I figured out a few leaks of mine. I reviewed one hand where my initial reaction was "What an awful call... no wonder this guy is breakeven". It ended up being a +0.02% call against my range... what do I know? It definitely was eye-opening.

I cannot wait for my evening and night sessions to make great decisions and put in lots of volume.

The prop bet that I mentioned in my last post never materialized, but I have sent the Baron a week-long prop bet proposal for next Monday- Friday. ACCEPT IT!

Meanwhile, I shipped another golf tournament on Sunday. It was a four-ball better ball doubles tournament, but they had individual prizes as well. I won the handicap section for 0-9 handicappers. I shot 77 hitting 2 greens!! It's fair to say that my short game was pretty sharp. I got drunk after that (and posted that previous blog post) and then watched the final round of the PGA Championship. It was certainly drama-filled and had a well-deserving champion IMO.

Martin Kaymer

I just shudder to imagine what would have happened if Dustin Johnson made that putt on the final hole.

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