Friday, August 27, 2010

Last 2 Days: 373 Super Turbos


I ended up just playing a morning session, and then went out to a nice bar with quite a few people. It was a super fun night. The poker was breakeven.



I managed to wake up at 9 today, despite having a small hangover. A cup of coffee cured that, and I put in a ton of games. I had fallen a bit behind pace and needed to catch up. I played 246 super turbos and ran stupidly bad. Like really bad. 34 buyins under EV.


I am now at 808 super turbos for the week, and have to play 192 tomorrow. However, my friend is having a party in his house and so I won't be able to play at all at night. So my morning session has to be a loooooooong one, more than 5 hours. Bring it on.

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