Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday: 200 Super Turbos

11 people commented on my previous post within 24 hours, so I will donate $110 to charity if I don't play at least 1000 super turbos from Monday-Friday.

Today was the first day of this, and I struggled to get the volume in. That's because my morning session got cut short at 70 games due to bad internet. I didn't feel like stopping the session, putting in my backup internet, and then restarting. So I stopped playing, had lunch, and went to the gym.

I then played another couple of sessions either side of dinner and managed to squeeze in 200 games.

Pretty sweet day

It was just an ideal day - the red line and green line went up in each of my 3 sessions. I am going to try and play a lot more tomorrow morning, probably 120 super turbos or so. Good night.

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