Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hello Blog Readers,

I will admit that I have been drinking a little and have got back at an unearthly hour. It's probably time to go to sleep but I shall do so after this post.

I played a little today - maybe 50 games or so - and broke even. I found myself making bad decisions, and decided to just cut the session short since I wasn't focusing well.

There will be an awesome prop bet in the near future with The Baron. We are going to do a 24 hour most games and most profit bet, with live blogging included. I am hoping to do it on Tuesday, but need to get the okay from Aaron.

No hangover, ONE TIME.


  1. Most profit? Sigh. Yeah, Tuesday works -- Monday I'm having a jump shooting contest against Michael Jordan.

  2. i'd be happy to smash you fish in the profit bet if you want a 3rd person?