Saturday, August 28, 2010

Work Week

The goal was to play 1000 super turbos from Monday-Friday and put in the hours regardless of what happened (like having a job). I managed to do that despite not playing 2 nights because I went out. I had to play 192 super turbos on Friday, which was always going to be a challenge due to going out for dinner. I played a pretty long morning session (142 games) and then a quick session after lunch to get the games in. The overall results are very pleasing.


By day

Some numbers:

Super Turbos played: 1017
Average Buyin: 53
Hours: 29.2
Games per hour: 34.8
Winnings: 4768 (EV 5468)
ROI: 8.8% (EV 10.1%)
Rakeback: 562
Rakeback per hour: 19.2
Hourly with rakeback: 182 (EV 206)
Total winnings: 5330

I am not sure but I feel like I definitely ran hot with my red line since I don't think it has ever gone up at 10% through 1000 games at super turbos. I did run 700 below EV in allins though. It was a very satisfying week, and I am going to do it again next week. Getting into a routine was nice and there is no excuse for me not to be putting in the hours.


  1. Pretty sick figures you're putting up there. Are these the 6 max or 9 max games?