Saturday, August 7, 2010

Golf, No Poker

As I mentioned in my previous post, there is a big 2 day tournament this weekend in my city. I played a practice round with my friend on Thursday and surprised myself by shooting 77 (+7). My handicap is 9 and I only play once a month these days because I have developed a nasty cut that eats into my distance. Golf isn't fun when you suddenly hit the ball 40 yards shorter.

The 77 was very solid - 7 bogeys and 11 pars. That put me in a good mindset going into today's round. It was a crazy round - not because of the golf, but the weather. We teed off at 7am and finished at 1pm! This was in insane heat, so I have this awful, slow, throbbing, and painful headache now. That's my excuse for the "no poker" in my post title for today.

I played decently despite the long round and the heat - shot 79 (+9) after being +5 through 5. That puts me tied 8th out of over 100 golfers heading into tomorrow. Another round in the 70s would be nice. I have to do something differently though to get rid of my headache. This is hopefully going to be my solution:

Please get rid of my post round headache

I hope that using a golf umbrella will get rid of my post round headache and even let me play some poker afterwards! I have played a laughable 140 super turbos in August. Do any of you play golf BTW or is this a post that nobody will read?

I also watched Legally Blonde today because there really isn't much to do when you have such a bad headache. I am embarrassed to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Good movie imo

Edit: After some quick googling, I saw that there is a Legally Blonde 2. I've got to get it to watch it after tomorrow's round!!

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  1. Ya I live in florida I usually take 24 balls to play and if I come home with atleast one it's a good day