Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Results

August was a massive volume fail, despite the work week. I played a grand total of 61.5 hours!! So pathetic. But I have my reasons for doing so. I am getting ready to move to London, and am just really excited about that.


It's not bad at all for 61.5 hours of playing. I made around 1k in rakeback as well.

I have pretty much decided to buy a MacBook Pro and use Windows on it. I will order it once I get to London. I am a technology noob, so if anyone has any better suggestions, please let me know. I only really need my laptop to be able to hook up to a 30 inch monitor and to be reasonably fast for playing poker. I will probably customize it and get the 8GB RAM and a SSD. I obviously just learned what all that means (somewhat anyway).

I just have so much random stuff to do, that I don't know how much I will play in the next 14 days. I am hoping to squeeze in a few sessions. Once I settle down in London, I will definitely be playing as much as I can.


  1. hey do you believe that as long as your red line (ev) is up in your graph that you are playing good ? ex. you are up 10k on red and down -5k on green, does that mean you are playing good and just runnin bad or the red line doesn't matter?

  2. 10k up on red and -5k on green doesn't mean much if the sample size is 100 games, but means a lot if it is 10000 games. So the answer to your question is that it depends.

  3. forgot to add but I meant after a solid sample size

  4. You gotta make a judgement yourself. Sometimes you can run hot with the red line (getting AA vs AK, other coolers), and you can run bad with your red line. You can also obviously run good/bad with allins. There are a few other ways to run good/bad. The red line is a perfect indicator of your ALLIN luck, and it should also give you a solid idea of how you are beating the games after a decent sample.