Sunday, September 12, 2010

Poker Setup

I would post my graph for September so far, but it is easier to describe - imagine a whole lot of nothingness. Yup, I haven't played a single hand of poker this month and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have also begun staking someone and am looking to take on serious, long-term, and dedicated poker players who want to crush super turbos and have a lot of time on their hands. Leave a comment if you want to be staked and coached.

I am moving to London in 2 days and have pretty much decided to get a completely new and awesome poker setup. Right now, I play with a crappy laptop and a 24 inch monitor. Here is a to-do list of things to buy when I reach London:

1. 15 inch Macbook Pro with upgrades to speed
2. 30 inch HP monitor
3. Wireless keyboard
4. External hard drive, so I don't need to delete any movies/TV shows
5. USB hub
6. Dongle for backup internet

Any other recommendations? I am pretty clueless when it comes to technology but would love to have a few fancy and useful gadgets. I already have some nice headphones.

I will update next when I reach London... I cannot wait!!


  1. I would go for a Mobile dongle...Save you a few buy ins, if you lose your connection. i would like to hear your ideas about coaching and staking at

    Good look at the tables Gavin

  2. Hey, I meant to add that to my list but I forgot. I edited my post and added it... thanks! I will get in touch in a few days once I settle down.

  3. Hey mate, I asked you before and I'll ask it again, I'm still definitely and very keen in some coaching if the offers back up. I need to get myself back on tracks on hopefully you've seen volume for me is no problems. Once you settle in London please contact me when you can, would be great to work with you. Promise I won't try and slit my wrists after my first 30BI downswing lol.

    Safe move mate and please hit me up when your ready to go, I really think we can work something out positive for both of us.

    Cheers mate

  4. Hi there. I'd be interested in discussing coaching and staking with you. My email is

  5. Very interested, I plan on working with Dustin and carr, but super turbos have always been something I've been interested in... for details please

  6. I may also be interested in staking/coaching....i'm a winning player at reg speed 9 mans/6 mans, but have been having issues with turbos/supers, albeit only over a small sample in both types.

    email me at


  7. I'd be worried about security with a mobile dongle.

    If you're playing using a monitor I'd use a desktop machine instead of a laptop so you can have multiple monitors (using your old 24" and the new 30" at the same time would be loads of space).

    I can't afford coaching :-)

  8. What's your mouse?The Logitech MX Revolution is pretty epic

  9. Hi, this is sech from singapore. My fulltilt id is saynthcalls. Interested in staking/coaching. Hit me at

    p.s i will be in thailand for holiday from 16th - 22th this month so maybe we can start in oct. Let me know soon!

  10. Thanks for all the suggestions. I am really busy with packing right now, and will get back to all of you within 2 weeks


    3k 9man ST's @ 8%ROI
    5k 6man ST's @ 4%ROI

    All <$10

  12. Hi Boom ,
    I'm playing a lot of ST also and would like to chat with you (currently I'm 90BI below EV.. )
    please contact me with gtalk or skype eran.nevo

    thx and best of luck in london !

  13. Hey mate,

    I'd be interested into talking to you about staking/coaching. I'm up ~$60k in the last 15 months playing MTT SNGs, but your hourly rate looks to be at least double mine and I'm pretty good at putting hours in so having followed your blog I have to say I'm intrigued.

    Set-up wise...30" Dell Ultrasharp ftw. Also I'd get a desktop > laptop. I use Western Digital for anything hard-drivey, they're always good.

    James (

    (check out:

  14. Hey, I'm a superturbo grinder/college student that's worked up from 3$ now playing 10s and 20s with 5% roi over 12,500 games and am very interested in your coaching/staking. Email me at

  15. i'm mtt/sng grinder right now, lolumissed on ub, stars, and full tilt. i have some experience in super turbos, but i want to crush them like you.

    i've been lurking your blog for a while now and want to see how you do your thing. my email is, please contact for any other inquiries.

  16. I just upgraded my laptop setup:
    It's a 18 month old core 2 duo/17 inch monitor and I changed out the hard drive for a blazing fast 120GB Solid State Harddrive(OCZ Vertex 2)and upgraded to Windows 7. Also use an XBOX controller..a friend testdrove the machine recently and played 63 at a time w/holdem manager running. No lag...with huds on all opponents is pretty cool.