Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reached My Target

I said in my previous blog post that I would move up to the 200s once my red line reaches +100 buyins since I dropped down on May 29th. I was at +75 buyins then and it's already at +106 buyins 36 hours later!

I might just postpone the move up to 200s however. This is because I am feeling very comfortable at the moment at the 100s/50s/35s and am putting in some decent volume (26 hours this month with a day off). I am going to just play it by ear and move up when I feel like it. The next short term target is to reach 1000 super turbos for the month. I am at 664 and hope to reach it in 3 days. I will probably take day after tomorrow off because of golf.

Here is my sharkscope since May 29th:

What I am proud about is putting in the volume when I am winning. I usually never do that. Some of the inspiration has come from seeing jorj95's stats. They are just so ridiculously sick and make me feel bad about how much I have played in my life.

Compare that to my lifetime SNG numbers on Full Tilt (28k SNGs, average profit of 3, average stake of 98, average ROI of 4%, and total profit of 75k). He basically plays 1.5 times the stakes as me with the same ROI, but with TEN TIMES the volume. He is obviously at an extreme end of the spectrum being able to mass table like I will never be able to, but I still need to be a lot closer to him.

That only means some serious grinding in the next few months!!

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