Monday, July 26, 2010

Learning Curve for HU

It's been almost a year since I have seriously played anything other than the 9 man super turbos. I figured a day like today had to come around sometime or the other. I started off running hot in the morning and playing decently. I then watched the Grand Prix (poor Massa) and the senior British Open (Langer!) and then settled down for a session. I wasn't in the best mindset TBH - I had a slight headache and was even wondering whether I should play at all.

Anyway I started off and a few hands kind off got to me and then I started again playing a little recklessly. I feel that when I go down 400 to 600 chips after a few hands, I start to become far too aggro. This is something I wasn't doing a few days back when I started playing. I just need to focus more.

Having said all that, I still won 1100 today because I am a luckbox this month.

Today's graph: Puke red line

Atleast I managed to recover somewhat from my low point of -600 of my red line. I just need to look at today as a lesson learnt and to keep my sessions somewhat short. The last session of mine lasted a ridiculous 280 minutes. I would venture to say that a session more than 4 hours is not a good thing for 90% of non-MTT poker players.

To put things in perspective, my month of HU is still looking good.

HU this month - only 4 days overall

It's only been 4 days and it's a really small sample, but my red line is at 6% ROI. This means nothing, but this is all new to me so I am going to keep playing these for now. I am also going to post my first ever hand on the HU forum on 2p2. No flaming please.


  1. Dear Sir,
    Please provide a link to your 2+2 post so that I may flame thee. I mean, provide constructive and well-considered feedback.

  2. It's worse than flaming, I'm being ignored. It's a pretty basic spot but I definitely think I misplay it a lot.