Sunday, July 25, 2010

A New Graph?

It has been another really good day overall. I played some poker and then abandoned thoughts of hitting the gym when I heard that 5 vs 5 football was on at a friend's house. I played football for around 2 hours and was utterly exhausted. It is far more tiring than any amount of cardio in the gym and way way more fun. I then got back and decided not to go out and drink because I was that tired. I had a cup of coffee and played more poker.

This kind of football for the Americans reading my blog

I went 48-34 at the 100s today at the heads up super turbos. I am definitely running hot, but am also playing really well. I know of a few recurring mistakes that I make and am trying to stop it. I made 1236 today and my EV line was at 1181 - a very satisfying day.

The new graph that I refresh quite a bit is my profit per number of entrants on sharkscope. Maybe my HU column will start to take off now if I keep playing them? Let's hope so!

Graph on Full Tilt
Graph on PokerStars


  1. Where are you from man, kind of assumed you were American...

  2. Travelling all over the place :)